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Simplex - 3 Phase, NEMA 4X
1/2 Hp to 11.3 Hp
200, 208 Volt

​For: Sewage, Effluent, Grinder, Non-Clog & Cutter Pumps


  • ENCLOSURE: NEMA 4X weather resistant Poly enclosure with stainless door latches w/padlock hasp 

  • CIRCUIT BREAKER: For pump and control circuit


  • OVERLOAD RELAY: Bimetal type, ambient compensated

  • HEATER ELEMENT: Class 10 quick trip, one heater for each phase 

  • SWITCH: Pump Hand-off-Auto

  • SWITCH: External, Test/Normal/Silence with UV resistant sealing boot

  • LIGHT: Green pump run

  • SUB PLATE: Switch and light mounting

  • FUSE: 1 Amp, Control circuit

  • FUSE: 1 Amp, Alarm circuit

  • TRANSFORMER: With primary & secondary fuse protection 

  • TERMINAL STRIP: Box lugs for customer wiring & ground lugs 

  • WIRING: Color coded internal wiring

  • AUDIBLE ALARM: Externally mounted 90 db @ 10 Ft. buzzer

  • ALARM LIGHT: 360 degree red alarm light

  • SEAL LEAK SENSOR*: Seal leak circuit with indicator light

  • TEMPERATURE SENSOR*: Motor heat sensor circuit with indicator light 

  • LEVEL CONTROL: Includes Qty. 3, normally open, mechanical, pilot duty, narrow angle, 5 Amp @ 120/240 VAC, Floats with 15 Ft. 16/2, SJOW cords and external weight.

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