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Self-Priming centrifugal, solids handling, frame mounted pumps are designed for municipal and industrial applications.

  • SUCTION/DISCHARGE: 6″ x  6″, ASA 125 lb., Spool Flanges Included


  • CASING: Gray Iron, ASTM A48, Class 30, Maximum Operating Pressure 79 PSI

  • IMPELLER: 2 Vane Semi-open Type, 3″ Solids Handling, Ductil Iron

  • SHAFT: Stainless Steel

  • SHAFT SLEEVE: 316 Stainless Steel

  • COVER PLATE: Gray Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30, Removable, Adjustable, Weight 30 lbs

  • WEAR PLATE: Replaceable, Steel

  • BEARING HOUSING: Gray Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

  • SEAL PLATE: Gray Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

  • PAINT: Air Dry Enamel

  • BEARING-DRIVE END: Open, Double Row, Ball, Thrust Load

  • BEARING-PUMP END: Open, Single Row, Ball, Radial Load

  • LUBRICATION: Bearing – SAE No. 30 Non Detergent Oil, Pump Includes Oil Level Sight Gauge

  • SEAL: Catridge Type, Mechanical, Oil Lubricated. Tungsten Carbide Rotating and Stationary Faces, Viton Elastomers (Dupont Viton® or Equivalent). 316 Stainless Steel Cage and Spring

  • CHECK VALVE: Neoprene Flap Type with Steel Weights

  • GASKET: Buna-N Compressed Synthetic Fibers, PTFE, Vegetable Fiber, Cork and Rubber

  • O-RINGS: Buna-N

  • HARDWARE: Standard Plated Steel


  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

Consult Factory for Flex Coupled or V-Belt driven units

  • Up to 40 Hp, Various Rpm, 3″ Solids

  • 6″ ASA 125 Lb Flanged Suction & Discharge

  • Max Flow: 1500 GPM, Shut Off: 120 Ft

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