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Slide Coupling 8″


The design of the Slide Couplings allows the submersible pump to be installed or removed without requiring personnel to enter the wet well. 

  • DISCHARGE: 8” ANSI Flanged

  • SOLIDS: 8” Diameter Spherical

  • BASE ELBOW: Ductile iron 

  • PULL-OUT-FLANGE: Ductile iron with stainless steel sealing ring 

  • LOWER GUIDE PLATE: Ductile iron 

  • HARDWARE: Stainless steel 

  • PAINT: Powder Coated

  • UPPER GUIDE PLATE: Stainless steel 

  • GUIDE RAIL PINS: Will Accept 2” or 3” Pipe Rails

  • WEIGHT ALLOWANCE: Max pump weight 4000lbs. 

  • WARRANTY: 1 year 

Assemblies DO NOT include Pump, Discharge piping, Guide Rails, Lifting Chain nor Gate Valve and Handle.