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High-Temperature – Wide Angle

High-Temperature – Wide Angle

Mechanical, 13 Amps, 200ºF, Pump Down PF17A43



Mechanically-activated, wide angle, switch designed for direct control of pumps up to ½ HP at 125 VAC. 

This mechanically-activated, wide-angle, amp rated pump switch provides automatic control of grinder and high head sewage pumps in grinder and lift station applications as well as septic tank effluent pump (STEP) systems. 

These pump switches are not sensitive to rotation or turbulence allowing it to be used in both calm and turbulent applications. 

This switch must be used with pumps that provide integral thermal overload protection. Certain pump applications may require the use of an external capacitor start kit.

  • CABLE: Flexible 14 gauge, 2 conductor (UL, CSA) SJOO/W, water-resistant . 15Ft length, with piggy-back plug 

  • FLOAT: 3” OD x 4.9” long high impact, corrosion resistant, PVC  housing for use in sewage and non-potable water up to  200°F 

  • PUMPING RANGE: Adjustable 8 to 14 inches.

  • Heavy-duty contacts mounted on high-conductivity copper substrates 

  • Second set of non-conductive contacts enhance switch activation

  • For direct wiring in 125 VAC or 250 VAC applications within specified amp ratings 

  • Includes adjustable plastic clamp with stainless hose clamp for mounting to piping

  • UL 508 

  • Pump Down is normally open (N/O) contacts for emptying


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