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Repair Services

Motor and pump repair was how our business began decades ago, and it continues to be an area where we excel

We maintain a state of the art repair facility in Garden City Park NY, where our technicians can repair any motor or pump from fractional through 1500 HP in either low or medium voltages.

Contractors and facilities managers call on us when they need fast emergency repairs. In fact, some of our longest-term customers originally did business with us because we were the only company that could repair a key piece of equipment in the timeframe they needed.


We specialize in complete repairs, and take care of everything including pickup and delivery when required.

  • Bench Strength – We repair virtually any kind of motor or pump. Our technicians have many years’
    experience and by now we’ve “seen everything.” We regularly tackle repair projects that are beyond the
    capabilities of traditional suppliers.

  • Rapid Turnaround Times – When a vital motor is broken, time is of the essence. We keep a fleet of
    delivery and service vehicles, including crane-equipped trucks, at the ready to assure fast turnaround.

  • Engineered Solutions – We don’t just put a Band-Aid on the problem. Many times, more is needed than
    simply replacing a part, particularly when the root cause of the failure is design-related. Often, systems
    we repair and put back online operate better than they ever did before.

  • Project Management – We take care of the entire repair.We coordinate all parties and ensure that the
    system gets back online as quickly as possible.

  • Computerized Dynamic Balancing

  • Laser Alignment

  • Surge Comparison Testing

  • Dynamometer

  • AC/DC Motor Rewinding

  • VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) System

  • 5 Year Warranty on VPI Rewinds

  • Core Loss Testing

  • Quality Operating System (ISO Qualifying)

  • On Site Services

  • Complete Machine Shop

  • ​Pick Up & Delivery Services (Flatbed and Crane
    Equipped Trucks)

  • Infrared/Thermography Tests

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Load Studies (KWH/Demand)

  • Ground Resistance Testing

  • Power Quality Studies (Comprehensive Report with Solutions)

  • Short Circuit/Coordination Studies

  • Surge Comparison Testing

  • Core Loss Testing

  • One-Stop Shop

  • ​We take responsibility for the entire project

  • Technicians with extensive repair experience

  • Pickup and delivery service

  • Financial Benefits

  • We can often repair systems instead of replacing them

  • Rapid turnaround minimizes downtime

  • Onsite repairs when feasible

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