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Domestic Hot Water

PFWRC66B1S Circulator

Three Speed
Bronze (Open System)
Flange Connection
Lay Dim. 8-1/2″
Max Head: 26 Ft
Max Flow: 44 GPM

Discontinuing – Limited Inventory Available

PFWRC67S1U Circulator

Three Speed 

Stainless Steel (Open System) 

Union Connection 

Lay Dim. 5-7/16″ 

Max Head: 5 Ft 

Max Flow: 6 GPM

Accessories for PFWRC67S1U & 66B1S


7-Day Digital Timer – PFDT

The digital, programmable timer allows for control of the circulator (on / off) at designated times (up to four custom settings per 24 hour period) for up to 7 days (similar to a programmable thermostat). The timer is plugged into a standard wall outlet and the circulator pump is then plugged into the timer allowing for time control of the pump. This unit has an internal battery backup which will, in the event of loss of AC power, power the unit and save / maintain program settings (battery will last for 48 hours before needing to be recharged).

NOTE: The Digital timer (PFDT) and Aquastat (PFSOA) can ALSO be used together, in tandem to allow for BOTH temperature AND time control.


Snap on Aquastat – PFSOA

The Aquastat simply “clips” onto any material 1/2″ ID or 3/4″ ID piping. It then plugs into a standard wall outlet. You would then plug in the power cord for the circulator into the Aquastat plug and it will turn the circulator on and off automatically at fixed set points (ON 98ºF and OFF at 114ºF) allowing for temperature control of pump.


NOTE: The Digital Timer (PFDT) and Aquastat (PFSOA) can ALSO be used together, in tandem to allow for BOTH temperature AND time control.


Retro-Fit Valve – PFRFV

The thermostatic Lead-Free Bronze bypass valve is installed under the sink fixture furthest from the hot water heater. The valve reacts to the decreasing temperature in the hot water supply piping and “opens” to allow the flow back through the cold water piping (essentially using the cold water piping as the return line) and providing “instant” hot water at the fixtures.

NOTE: The Retro-Fit Valve (PFRFV) MUST be installed with Power-Flo Pumps Model PFWRC67S1U circulator pump.

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Copper Multi Fitting Pack – PFFP

Pack includes: Two 1/2″ SW x FNPT, Two 3/4″ SW x FNPT, Two 3/4″ SW x 1/2″ SW Reducing Bushings and Two 3/4″ Street Hub Copper Unions

NOTE: Used with Power-Flo Pumps Model PFWRC66B1S circulator pump.

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