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Dual Float Control

Dual Float Control

NEMA 4, Dual Floats and Pump Controls



The NEMA 4 combination pump and dual float level control has a Watertight enclosure with Manual On-Off switch, circuit breaker with short circuit and overload protection, transformer to reduce line voltage, Two float switches with cable and float override switch for manual operation.

  • ENCLOSURE: Fiberglass, NEMA 4 Watertight, UL listed. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in corrosive environment and is resistant to UV degradation. Fiberglass material has halogen-free and self-extinguishing characteristics 

  • CIRCUIT BREAKER: Thermal magnetic, molded case, for short circuit protection. UL listed, CSA certified, IEC rated.

  • STARTER: Electromechanical. HP rated and IEC AC-3 rated, inductive current rated switching device. The insulation rating is 600 volts and has 15 million operating cycles mechanical durability 

  • OVERLOAD RELAY: Ambient air compensated class 10 tripping curve device. 600 volts insulating rating

  • SWITCH: Hand-off-Auto Black plastic, 3 position, 22mm round, Type-XB5, UL listed

  • TRANSFORMER: For 460 Volt Applications - 460V to 120V Fused primary and secondary 

  • FUSE: Transformer Primary - rejection type, time delay, 600 volts 

  • FUSE: Transformer Secondary - dual element time delay, rated for high inrush circuits, rated for 250 volts 

  • CAPACITORS: Single Phase - Start & Run capacitors as required

  • WIRING: Color coded, UL listed type MTW or THHN rated for 90° C

  • LEVEL CONTROLS: Includes two Float switches that are hermetically sealed, single pole, NO (Normally Open) mechanical switch enclosed in a watertight polypropylene casing. Cables are 18/2 type STO, 600 volts, 60°C, UL and CSA listed. Temperature limit is 122°F at 24 PSI. Floats are weighted for stabilization

  • Built and Labeled to UL 508A


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