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24″ x 24″ Basin System

24″ x 24″ Basin System

PFS531PKG-2424, PFV512PKG-2424

  • 24″ Dia x 24″ Deep system for use with PFS531TW, PFV512 pumps

  • 2″ Discharge, 1/2 Hp 115v/1 Ph

  • Automatic Operation: Wide Angle Float

  • Max Flow: 60/86 GPM, Shut Off: 22/25 Ft


Simplex sewage ejector systems are ideal for residential, small commercial, light industrial and agricultural liquid waste applications. These packaged systems are designed to collect liquids and solid waste materials from lavatories, floor drains, sinks, showers, laundry trays, water closets, etc. When the level in the basin rises to the pre-set ON level the pump will energize and evacuate the collected liquid waste. The packaged system includes the pump, float control, basin, basin cover, discharge pipe and discharge valve.

  • BASIN: Durable, corrosion resistant Polyethylene resin, recessed roll top design and encapsulated inserts, 24″ x 24″,  3/16″ wall thickness

  • INLET: 4″ inlet

  • DISCHARGE: 2″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe with air bleed hole, 2″ Grommet

  • DISCHARGE FITTINGS: 2″ Full-Flow rubber sleeve

  • VENT: 2″ Grommet fitting (Pipe by others)

  • BASIN COVER: 24″ Two-piece, 2 hole electrical cord grommet, 2″ plastic slip flanges (Vent & Disch.), with o-ring seal

  • SEWAGE PUMP: 1/2HP – PFS531TW, PFV512

  • FLOAT CONTROL: Single Mechanical Float switch, ON/OFF operation with Piggy-Back plug

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year


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