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PFV512, PFV512A, PFV512VF

  • 1/2 Hp, 3450Rpm, 60Hz, 115 Volt, 1 Phase

  • 2″ Discharge, 2″ Spherical Solids,

  • PFV512 – Manual Operation

  • PFV512A – Automatic Operation: Wide Angle Float

  • PFV512VF – Automatic Operation: Vertical Float

  • Max Flow: 82 GPM, Shut Off: 22 Ft


Submersible Sewage pump designed for typical raw sewage and typical septic tank/effluent applications.

  • DISCHARGE: 2” NPT, Female, Vertical

  • LIQUID TEMPERATURE: 77°F Continuous

  • MOTOR HOUSING/VOLUTE: Cast Iron, Class 30

  • IMPELLER: Multi-vane, vortex, Cast Iron, Class 30

  • SHAFT & HARDWARE: Stainless steel

  • PAINT: Industrial grade powder coating

  • O-RINGS: Buna-N

  • SEAL: Inboard, Single mechanical, 1/2″, Oil Filled reservoir, Carbon/Ceramic/Buna-N with secondary exclusion seal

  • UPPER BEARING: Sleeve, oil lubricated

  • LOWER BEARING: Single row, ball, oil lubricated

  • POWER CORD: 20Ft & 30Ft., SJTW, 16/3 Cord with Piggy-Back plug, Pressure grommet for sealing & strain relief

  • MOTOR: Class B Insulation, Oil Filled, Squirrel Cage Induction

  • SINGLE PHASE: Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Includes overload protection in motor

  • WARRANTY: 2 year

Manual Operation: No Float

Automatic Operation: Wide Angle Float

LEVEL CONTROL: Wide Angle, Mechanical, Normally Open (N/O), 16/2 SJOW cord with Piggy-Back plug. Adjustable Tether

Automatic Operation: Vertical Float

LEVEL CONTROL: Vertical Float, PVC, Normally Open (N/O), 16/2 SJOW cord with Piggy-Back plug. OFF Point Adjustable


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